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 From your roving reporter Charlotte.

Forget the World Cup- Bastows five a side is what it is all about! After a long day on a building site the boys head off to a football match with clients. Each month they face a new threat all organised by our resident coach and Sales Director Dan.

Even though some aren’t the most active outside work, football gives the boys an opportunity to bond, not just with each other but also with the key clients our team play against.

While having fun kicking the bright orange football around the pitch, they also got the opportunity to show off their brand spanking new kit.

They won their most recent game and can’t wait to see how many more wins they have this year.

Left to right, back row: Emanuel ‘Super Sub’ Cirlescu, Sebastian ‘Super Striker’ Cirlescu, Gunars ‘Go Get ‘Em’ Locs, Dan ‘The Don’ O’Donoghue,

Witold ‘Wild Man’ Wilk, Marcin ‘The Cat’ Bachmatiuk.

Front row: Matt ‘Razor’ Robins, Liam ‘The Fridge’ Cox, ‘Adrian ‘The Silent Assassin’ Moldovan.

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