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We are heartbroken by the sudden passing of our brilliant colleague Kierre Haywood. The team are truly devastated by the loss of our bright, talented, dedicated and hardworking friend.

Kierre was always a positive young man and had a smile for all. His potential was remarkable, and his commitment and respect for everyone meant he stood out and was loved by colleagues and clients alike.

We have been working to give Kierre’s family all the support we can through this time of dreadful loss.

In due course we will also look at fitting ways to remember and commemorate his life, in line with his family’s wishes.

Kierre was both a talented painter and decorator who embraced every learning opportunity, and a gifted footballer who played a respectful, fair game and with an impressive talent.

Kierre may not be with us in person today but every member of the Bastows Family will ensure his positivity, friendship to all and brilliant potential are honoured. He will always be remembered, and he will always be Family.

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