Major External Repairs, London SW1

Bastows/Major External Repairs, London SW1

Major External Repairs, London SW1


External Refurbishment

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Major external works project including essential brick, stone, window and roofing repairs were carried out over a three month period following instruction from our client.

The works were needed to restore the quality and value of the properties. We deployed painters, builders and specialist stone workers to ensure repairs were completed professionally, safely and on time. We worked closely with retailers and residents to ensure they were kept up to date and had all the information they needed. They were rightly concerned about a possible impact on business but careful planning and communication ensured that any effects were mitigated and their premises restored to the superb condition they deserve.

We are truly delighted to say that Site Manager Liam Cox was recognised with a Business Principles Award by our client for delivering such excellent service to them and all affected by the project.

“These properties were in need of restoration and repair, and due to the location we had to closely manage the works to prevent inconvenience to retailers, residents and passers by. I really enjoyed managing this. It was great seeing the building undergo its facelift and I got a real kick out of the transformation!”

Liam Cox, Site Manager

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